"The man in black fled into the desert, and the gunslinger followed."
The Gunslinger Stephen King


It started with a bang. Or more like a crack. Rifle shots in any event. Bandits overtook the train as it slowed for the rubble blocking the railroad track. They stormed aboard, going from car to car. They made short work of the Union Pacific crew either by threat or a beating. It was clear they were looking for something specific. Not just there for robbery, they had a purpose. When they got to our car, I learned what that purpose was. Their leader, a rail thin man dressed in black, pointed a single finger from a claw like hand. "This is the one." His voice rasped like death, and the young woman he gazed at turned pale. That was when it was then I felt obliged to reach for my gun.

"House of the Rising Sun" is a Weird West chronicle using Chaosium's "Basic Role Playing" with the supplements "Aces High" and "Devil's Gulch". It starts with a group of self-appointed heroes rescuing the white lady from the clutches of the man in black and ends somewhere on the road to the eternal city of Tanelorn. 

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Sixguns of the Fire Witch